Our coaching services work as follow:

We provide our clients with personalised training plans.​

While fitting your training in with the day-to-day demands, enjoyment and balance are equally important.

We monitor an athlete’s progress and response to an initial program and then modify and adapt the program accordingly to find the optimal training program for each indivdual athlete.

Your personalized training program will be built, evaluated and optimised based on your feedback and training data for all key training sessions and races.

Your coach will provide regular guidance for optimal performance.

Everyone is an individual and will respond differently to:

Initial interview:

Each prospective athlete will undergo an initial interview in order to assess compatibility between coach and athlete.

During the course of the interview if both the athlete and the coach decide to proceed the interview is expanded to become the initial consultation to establish:

Three month commitmet:

We have a minimum three month commitment and fees are billed monthly in advance.

We do not consider a one month period long enough to be able to establish what training is most effective for an individual athlete and adapt a program accordingly.

A periodised training program is presented to each athlete once they commit to a monthly training program.

This program is structured around the athletes goals, capabilities and lifestyle

Book an appointment to discuss your requirements and the best plan for you: