Aluminium Coaching – our most popular package

The aluminium-level plan is designed for the athlete who wants to crank up their level of training and has specific training  goals in mind. At the aluminium level we offer you more input, interaction, and communication with your coach, resulting in  a more concise and focused program. Your coach will custom design a training plan and get you ready for your goal  events or races.

You’ll kick off your coaching with a consultation from your coach that includes: 

  •  Personal history, past training, and future goals
  •  Power profile and fatigue profile analysis
  •  Power diagnosis and training analysis
  •  Fitness testing to determine power training and zones

Your package includes the following:

  •  Custom training plan
  •  Workouts emailed to you daily and available for review at any time
  •  Free premium TrainingPeaks account after the completion of your current subscription
  •  Functional / Strength / Core / Running workouts included in the program
  •  Training plan reviews via phone calls, online meeting, Skype or email
  •  Two athlete-initiated reviews per month, up to 30 minutes each
  • Ten emails / SMS’s / Whatsapps per month (answered within 48 hours)  

The monthly investment: 

  • The monthly charge for aluminium-level coaching is R2500 Incl Vat
  • Your first payment will include a one-time start-up fee of R1250 and your first month’s coaching fee (R3,750)
  • Any amendments, changes or requests outside of the above will be charged for at R650 per hour