In order to enjoy your ride, you need the correct bike setup.

We have a holistic approach to cycling and we look at every aspect of your bike setup.

We make sure your cleats are setup correctly and according to your biomechanics. We make sure your angles are setup correctly on the bike but keep in mind, when you ride you move around and therefore a setup might need revision after a few rides or after getting fitter and stronger on the bike. We assess how you sit on your seat and make recommendations on the best seat for your body.

Then we look at your bike and will make recommendations in terms of the correct stem, cranks, etc.

The bike setup options:

Please take note: The fees are for the actual assessment time and labour, it excludes any cleats/wedges/spacers/saddles or seat posts. 

A comprehensive bike setup takes approximately 90 minutes for one bike. If you have done a bike setup before and need help with just cleats, it takes approximately 30 minutes. The bike measurement with XY mapping will take 15 minutes.

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