Steel Coaching – take the next step

Are you aiming for your best performance at your goal events or want to step up your training? Our steel-level coaching  can get you ready. Your monthly plan will be built around your schedule, fitness level, and goals, and it will be available  online for your review at any time. This customized plan will help you get to the peak of your fitness just in time for your big  race or event!

You’ll kick off your coaching with a consultation from your coach that includes:

  •  Personal history, past training, and future goals
  •  Fitness testing to determine power training and zones 

Your package includes the following: 

  •  Custom training plan
  •  Workouts emailed to you daily and available for review at any time through web or Mobile app
  •  Free premium TrainingPeaks account after the completion of your current subscription
  •  One athlete initiated review per month, up to 30 minutes (via phone calls, online meeting, Skype or email)
  •  Four emails / SMS’s / Whatsapps per month 

The monthly investment:

  • The monthly charge for steel-level coaching is R1650 incl VAT
  • Your first payment will include a one-time start-up fee of R1250 and your first month’s coaching fee (R2,900)
  • Any amendments, changes or requests outside of the above will be charged for at R650 per hour High