Terms & Conditions

The Practice General

  1. The Practice and it’s practitioners are private practice’s and patients are personally responsible and fully liable for payment directly to the practitioner without any offset or delay.
  2. Patients will be charged for each appointment / session / assessment which will be settled on presentation of each invoice unless an alternate payment arrangement has been made in writing and accepted.
  3. The operational hours of The Practice are Monday to Friday from 06h00 to 18h00 and Saturdays from 06h00 to 12h00. The operational hours of The Practice are subject to change without notice.
  4. Patients will obey the house rules of the practice and practitioners and always behave in such a manner that will uplift and support services offered in the practice.
  5. The practice will under no circumstances be held responsible for any loss/theft of any personal belongings, nor accept liability for any injury/ damage that may occur in the practice. Lost property will be kept if not readily identifiable.

Assessment and Appointments:

  1. Appointment / assessments / sessions will be booked telephonically and at the availability of the practitioners at the practice.
  2. Appointments/ assessments / sessions have to be cancelled a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the assessment/ appointment or the patient will be charged without exception and be fully liable for the full price of that session. Cancelled appointment charges are not claimable from medical aid.
  3. If a patient is late for an appointment the original start and finish times for that appointment will still apply, additionally the patient will be liable for the full price for the entire appointment as booked.
  4. New Biokinetic patients will be required to undergo an assessment before treatment sessions.
  5. Proper training gear (T-Shirt, training shorts/ tracksuit pants, training shoes) must be brought for Biokinetic assessments and appointments.

Payment and Accounts:

  1. The practice is not contracted in to any medical aids. It is a cash practice (payment via card, EFT or cash) and our rates are not subject to or constrained by any medical tariffs. We do not claim from the medical aids on your behalf.
  2. Accounts must be paid and settled directly with the practitioner before the patient submits the account to their medical aid, only once payment reflect in our bank account will the patients account be considered paid regardless of whether payment was made via cash, electronic transfer or credit card.
  3. Once payment has reflected you will received an invoice from which you can claim back from your medical aid with the necessary codes in order for your medical aid to approve the claim and will reimburse you according to your scheme and current status/ benefits. Invoices and accounts that have not been paid and are submitted to medical aids will be rejected by the medical aid de to the omission of the relevant codes.
  4. Invoices are presented after every session. Accounts are due and payable on presentation of the invoice and no payment terms are offered unless agreed in writing beforehand.
  5. An account will be classified as overdue if any invoice on the patients accounts has not been paid within 7 days from date the invoice was presented to the patient. A statement of account will be presented at the end of every month if required.
  6. A collection and administration fee will be charged for accounts that are overdue and the patient is liable for any and all legal fees and/or costs incurred in the collection of overdue accounts.
  7. Interest will be charged on overdue accounts at the current overdraft rate.8.WCA and Injury on Duty (IOD – Polmed) patients are personally liable for payment of their accounts in full.9.Foreign patients are required to settle their accounts after every session. Submissions to foreign medical aids remain the patient’s responsibility.

Indemnity and Consent:

  1. The patient hereby consents to voluntary participation in any of the services offered by the practitioners at The Practice.
  2. The patient shall report any medical conditions, medication, signs and symptoms of abnormality before and during consultations / assessments / treatments.
  3. The patient is fully aware of the potential risks and benefits of participation in any activities or treatments and will not hold The Practice or any of it’s practitioners responsible for any injuries, discomfort, pain or otherwise.
  4. The Practice and it’s practitioners will not and do not accept liability for any injury, damage or loss of whatever nature to the patient.
  5. Each patients information will be treated confidentially and will not be divulged to third parties. Patient information will only be used to communicate with the patient relating to activities, marketing, treatments, appointments, accounts and payments.
  6. The patient hereby accepts and understand the terms and conditions of the agreement