Power Zones

So you’ve done your FTP test and now you want to know what it all means?

Below is a table showing how to calculate your zones based on your FTP (Functional Threshold Power)

Zone 1 - Active recovery less than 55% of FTP, 68% of THR

Zone 2 - Endurance zone 56-75% of FTP, 69-83% of THR

Zone 3 - Tempo 76-90% of FTP, 84-94% of THR

Zone 4 - Lactate Threshold 91-105% of FTP, 95-105% of THR

Zone 5 - VO2 Max 106-120% of FTP, 106+ of THR

Zone 6 - Anaerobic Capacity 121% + of FTP, HR not Measurable

Zone 7 - Neuro Muscular Hard as possible for 6-10s

Watch the video below from GCN for a very informative video on training with a power meter