Eddy Huthons – Invest in Yourself

Eddy Hutchons (54) went for a routine medical check-up in October 2016 and got the fright of his life. The doctor couldn’t believe that he’d not had a heart attack and immediately booked him in for emergency bypass surgery.

Eddy’s arteries were in bad shape, a combination of a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. He underwent triple and quadruple bypass surgery and is now a changed man.“Seven bypasses in total. The surgeon said that was the most he’d ever done on one person. They took arteries from my left arm, my right leg and my chest. I have huge scars everywhere, but at least I’m alive,” smiled Eddy.

“I weighed 108kg before the surgery and I now weigh 82kg. After the surgery, once I’d recovered sufficiently, I started doing exercise under the guidance of the Biokineticists at The Practice. I really just went there to try and get fit as I’d never really exercised or done sport.

“Initially I went because I knew it was important for my health but once I began to gain some fitness, strength and flexibility, I went because I enjoyed it,” explained Eddy.Eddy also made adjustments to his diet.

“We changed what we eat at home and adjusted our portion sizes. I’m quite fortunate to have been able to learn about the importance of exercise and balanced diet.”

“I have had a bit of a break from exercise as we recently went on holiday. But I went into The Practice the other day to book my sessions for the next three months. I’ll start with three sessions a week for the first month then push it up to four a week for the next two months,” explained Eddy.

“I like to exercise under the guidance of a professional that knows how the exercises should be done and understands my limitations in terms of my health and my history. They monitor my heart while I’m training which is obviously very important too,” added Eddy.

Eddy does a combination of cardio, strength and flexibility training at The Practice, all of which help him build a body that’s working efficiently and ensuring his cardiovascular system is staying in good shape too.

“My wife asked why I don’t go to a regular gym. I said I’d rather pay a bit more and do my exercise at The Practice, where the staff are professional and friendly and I get personal guidance. My health is the most important thing to me now and anything I spend on it isn’t considered a cost, but rather an investment,” said Eddy