David Labuschagne

I am an avid competitive cyclist, runner, triathlete and multi-sports athlete, being involved in sport for over 25 years. However in 2018 I joined the Bestmed Veterans Team and I needed to step it up a level, not only for myself, but also for the team. I felt that my cycling performance was not on the level required by the team.

I had coaches before, but training in a group, feedback and rigid training plans was always a problem for me. I also realised that with all the new technology available, power meters and indoor trainers, it is of vital importance to get a coach that use them all. I also realised that I needed someone with vast knowledge of cycling as sport, UCI rules and regulations and the “racing scene” in South Africa. If you want to perform well, you need to have someone that know cycling and that have raced on a competitive level before.

On searching for help, I by chance or fortune, ran into an old friend, Alasdair Garnett, and the owner of The Practice. The ideal person to help me with my cycling training as he is qualified as a UCI Level III Cycling Coach, raced competitive and was always an exemplary cyclist on and off the bike, I have immense respect for him.

Alasdair got me up and running (training) in no time through the vast resources of The Practice. I started doing core and stability training, FTP tests and specific power training needed. The Practice change my training plan from a thumb-suck to a well structured and focused plan by using TrainingPeaks. With the correct training my FTP increased and racing became less of a gamble and more podium places followed.

This year, 2020, under the guidance of Alasdair and Coach Tim Kock, they helped me with a specific programme for the SA Road Time Trail Champs. They spend a lot of time with me, advising, changing and tweaking my TT set-up. It all paid-off, me winning the gold at the South-African National Championships with more than a minute faster than my rival.

During my cycling career I never felt so in tuned with my coach and my training plan. Getting my plan, giving daily feedback and tracking of my fatigue, fitness and form have never been so easy. With the help from The Practice I achieved so much more than I could have imagined. The result speak for it selves with podium places on countless races and medals on Provincial and National level for the last three years. This is all proof of The Practice professionalism and dedication in their athletes. If you are a beginner or serious athlete looking for the best coach, someone that will give you the edge, I will recommend The Practice.