This is a TRAINING studio NOT a spin studio!

You will learn how to train & pedal efficiently under the guidance of a qualified coach.

It’s the most precise, high quality, personalised training tool I have found. Whether it’s performance on the road, the pitch or just life in general, the Wattbike is the magic ingredient. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Nic Gill – New Zealand Rugby Team Strength & Conditioning Coach

Training sessions are structured around specific events and incorporated in training programs specific to upcoming events.

We will structure the sessions to concentrate on specific areas of cycling e.g strength, speed, form and climbing.


Following seven successful years with British Cycling, Wattbike elevated to a global level. In September 2015 we were chosen as the global talent ID and training tool of the UCI World Cycling Centre. Housed in six of the UCI’s satellite centres around the world, the Wattbike is at the heart of their search for future stars.

Programs and workouts are designed by professional coaches;

  • • by Alasdair Garnett  (UCI Level 3 and Chairman of Coaching for Cycling South Africa) OR
  • • internationally accredited coaches OR
  • • from our extensive library of workouts,


Programs and workouts are designed by professional cycling coaches:

We constantly monitor and re-asses your abilities, you receive an email report after every session detailing your performance and progression.


Coached / Group Sessions:

Tuesday and Thursday

These are our current group times we have available. To book your spot or for more information, contact The Practice.


The Wattbike was created with British Cycling to provide  an indoor bike for training and testing that is suitable for everyone from school children to Olympic Gold Medallists.

The Wattbike is chosen by UCI World Cycling Centre as their global talent ID and coach education tool, the Wattbike is the first factory calibrated indoor bike to deliver accurate, consistent performance data and technical feedback.

Riding a Wattbike feels like riding a bike

The Wattbike features both air and magnetic braking systems to allow you to replicate any desired training session from low intensity recovery riding to maximal intensity sprints. Unlike any other indoor bike, riding on the Wattbike feels like riding on the road or track no matter what resistance you choose.

Start Up Fee

R 750 once off
  • Initial Wattbike Orientation
  • Wattbike set-up
  • 20 minute FTP test - determine training zones
  • Video and pedalling analysis

This takes approximately 90 minutes and must be booked separately.

Download the Wattbike App to
Keep track of all your workouts.
Analyse your pedalling.
Upload to Training Peaks & Strava



R 650 / session

Individual coached session for 1 hour


R 1400 / m

Two coached sessions per week

The monthly fee includes two supervised group sessions a week at the above times.


R 700 / m

Access to the studio to train outside of group session times.

These sessions are un-coached but you will still get our 5 star treatment.

Choose your own workout or stick with the workout of the day and pedal yourself fitter, stronger and faster!

Check bike availability before you arrive or book times in advance by calling on 
011 782 0393

Available from 6am to 6pm Monday to Friday except during group sessions


R 1900 / m

Two coached sessions a week

PLUS Access to the Studio to ride outside of group sessions times.

This is a combination package giving you full access and supervision every month


Please call on 011 782 0393, talk to us at The Practice or email us at for more information.

“There’s an increasing number of cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes recognising the need for a quality training facility with not only Power and Heart Rate but in improving pedalling efficiency with the addition of a Pedalling Efficiency Score (PES) which is a incredible feature,check out this for more details: master your pedalling technique to improve your cycling

We feel that it’s important to ensure everyone has access to a Wattbike for their weekly training, additionally members will have access to professional coaching and medical professionals. Our studio is busy during group times with limited bikes available, but the rest of the time it’s used only for testing, bike set-up and for the Discovery Vitality Fitness assessments. We felt it makes sense to open it up outside of class times to anyone that’s committed to improving their performance,” said Garnett.

“There are many cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes that make use of Wattbikes as part of their gym contracts. But there can be frustration when there isn’t a Wattbike available at peak times or the Wattbikes aren’t maintained. At The Practice you secure access to well-maintained, clean Wattbikes, which will be a big help for anyone that’s serious about their performance improvement,” added Garnett