The Practice Cycling Club invites you to join our dynamic and exciting Cycling Club based in Linden, Johannesburg.

We saw the potential in creating a cycling club where our focus is on teaching and educating our cyclists. We want to help cyclists, young and old to develop a love for the sport through applying all the aspects of the sport to their personal goals, participation and experience.

We believe in family and that is exactly what our club is all about. A safe place where you can get information, advice and guidance from experts. A place where parents can feel confident in letting their children be part of.

Our focus is not only on performance but also enjoyment!

Our club rates for 2021 are as follows: 

Full Club Membership: R300
Scholars Club membership: R150
Full Club Membership with Club cycling kit: R2000 

Your Club Membership Benefits are and not limited to: 

  • Access to our Clubhouse based at 57 1st avenue linden
  • Preferential access and rates to:

For more information or to sign up click on the button below.