Health Through Movement!

Chronic diseases or injuries can affect a person’s life tremendously.

Biokineticists investigates how one’s ability to exercise is affected by a chronic disease or injury and how exercise can be used to treat such disorders. 

Proficiency as a biokineticist requires a knowledge base that includes the fields on anatomy, physiology, chemistry, biology and psychology


Gretha Garnett
Head Biokineticist
082 448 8116

With over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Gretha is committed to give every patient the best treatment he/she deserves.

Gretha has helped several elite sports people achieve their World Championship goals, and she has helped thousand of patients recover from their injuries.

She has written articles for several health and fitness magazines and has also appeared on television shows as an expert in her field.

She believes that in order to enjoy life, you have to look after your health and fitness from an overall perspective first; it is an ongoing thing which should be part of your everyday life and not just a once-off event.

Even though Gretha can treat any injury/condition, she has decided to specializes in knee and shoulder injuries

Having grown up in Johannesburg, Jen matriculated from De La Salle Holy Cross College. She then went on to study at the University of Witwatersrand where she passed both her Undergraduate and Honours degrees Cum Laude and was the top Biokinetics graduate of her year. 

She has now been practising for 4 years with her main interests lying in the field of Orthopaedic and Sport Rehabilitation. Jen has a special interest in ankle and hip injuries.  However, she has successfully treated patients of all ages and abilities, and prides herself in providing every person she sees with the best care possible.  

Jen is also passionate about Irish Dancing, starting her competitive career at the age of 10, she has gone on to become the South African Champion, qualify to
represent her country at 10 World Championships, attend numerous international major competitions and become the top ranked female South African dancer internationally. 

Jen’s goal is to pass on the knowledge she gained through elite dancing and her studies to other people in order to help them achieve their physical goals. She is passionate about promoting an active lifestyle and helping her patients live a full life, pain and injury free.

Jen Steele
074 611 4016

How does it work?

Our services we offer:

Biokinetic Assessment

A comprehensive physical assessment to determine the origin and extent of the problem/injury.

It can include some or all of the following:

Isokinetic Assessment

An isokinetic assessment test the muscle strength and endurance of a specific joint. It also determines the ratio between the left to the right side.

This test gives you a good indication of the effect of an injury on a joint and how much work needs to be done and where. It also gives a good baseline to which one can do a follow up test to see the progress after a rehabilitation program has been followed.

We can test the following joints in various actions:

Rehabilitation Session

Consist of a carefully thought-through exercise prescription plan, specifically designed for every patient’s needs. 

It includes some or all of the following:

Please take note: You first have to do an assessment before you can book a rehabilitation session.

Online Session

For those who can’t physically come in for a one-on-one rehabilitation session, we have an online session option.

You will receive the same quality of service as you would in person.

In order to make this happen, you will need:

30 min Chat

A one-on-one physical, virtual or phone call appointment.

To determine, discuss or explain:

GG Weight-Loss Cycling Sessions

For those who wants to get fit and back into shape, these sessions are ideal for you.

The sessions are indoor Wattbike sessions suitable for any size, age, and fitness level. You work according to your own capabilities.

What does it entail:

Vitality Fitness Assessment

The Vitality Fitness Assessment measures your cardio-vascular fitness and your strength and flexibility.

It’s been designed to give you an accurate and personalised assessment of your fitness and you can earn up to 7 500 Vitality points a year for completing it.

Note: Additional dependants over the age of 18 can earn a maximum of 25 000 Vitality Health points per year from all their points-earning activities.

Vitality High Performance Assessment

The Vitality High Performance Fitness Assessment is a fitness assessment for athletes who regularly take part in sporting activities and want to test their physical fitness and endurance using an effort test.

To do this assessment you need to fulfil certain qualifying criteria:


Our Rates:

For more information or to book an appointment, contact The Practice on (011) 782 0393, or alternatively, click on the appropriate tab to book your appointment.

For more information about biokinetics or what a biokineticist do, click here.