Anton van Tonder

Age: 45


Race weight: 76kg

Nickname: Moose (from High school)

Short Bio on me:

I’ve been riding 2 wheels most of my life – from BMX days in the early 80’s to 90’s.

After the BMX days, my parents bought me a road bike which I competed in races with in Nelspruit. Which it took me through my High school career.

My parents gave me a gap year – I did the Hansom tour (last hansom tour ever). I did kind of waste my parents money and my time.

This happens when you don’t have a coach and set goals for yourself. After the gap year I started working at a bicycle shop (Summerland) for 3 years and after that I started my own shop which started small then grew to having spinning bike classes and a bike shop. This lasted for 10 years and now working for someone in a bike shop here in Nelspruit. Giving more time to race in the Vets cat and loving it!!!!

Short bio on my training:

I have a great boss who let me train when I need to. So, you see me most days riding the roads in Nelspruit. I have a good group of guys in Nelspruit which love hurting each other when it comes to weekend rides and Wednesday Crit night racing – which both events I organise for the locals.

Our local Vets love to try to hurt the youngster i.e Callum Ormiston and Ryan Terry. We try!!! I really feel we are spoilt with the routes and traffic we have here that we can cycle for hours without having cars bugging us. Our training ground is so good that pros like Willie Smit loves training here; which I do try to join him when he does his long slow rides.

Experience with The Practice and Alasdair:

I have only had great experience with Alasdair and Tim. When ever I sms or email one of them I get an answer straight away. Either being about my training program or need answer about nutrition. The Practice is next level. What I like about the staff at The Practice is that they are all down to earth, anytime of the day they will answer you. Even after Tim crashed his car he still had time to answer me.

If you had a hard day at work think of those people who can’t train – you must take advantage of the time you have on this earth.

The guys give me a hard time for 2 things. First thing, for me, my age is just a number. I will try and attack you even if you are one of the best juniors or Elite rider. And second, I have most of the stravas here in Nelspruit, especially the flat one. Most of the riders cant get close to my times and they hate me for it. 

Thank you

Anton van Tonder