Let's meet Alasdair Garnett:

Head Coach at The Practice

Alasdair is a UCI Level 3, Training Peaks Level 2, and a PMBIA Skills Instructor. He is also a multiple national TT and Road champ.

He is the Head Coach at a high performance & lifestyle facility in Johannesburg, South Africa. He works with a holistic, athlete centred and evidence based providing: 

The focus is on you (the athlete!), we constantly adapt and optimize training plans, methods and philosophies to maximize your training, achieve goals and reach your potential, whether you want to finish your first event or compete for podiums at international level for Road, MTB and Track.

We run a multi-discipline facility which provides us with expertise, knowledge, experience and collaboration with high performance professionals and UCI coaches.

Coaching entails more than following a training program, we consider every factor systematically during the coaching process where you (the athlete!) are the centre and focus of attention, your lifestyle, capabilities and environment to ensure you reach your key events in top form and achieve your goals all while enjoying the ride!

We have all the skills & equipment to objectively analyse progress and performance, including;

We utilize our expertise, knowledge and experience to translate data, numbers and test results into relevant meaningful real-world information that is beneficial to you (the athlete!), the center of our attention!

Physical locality is no restriction, we can coach you wherever you are!