Lifestyle at the Practice

Proud Owners

Alasdair & Gretha Garnett

Passionate about health and fitness and working with people

Our mission - To provide the best personal service, staff, and equipment to fully meet the various needs of our clinets

We are committed to providing quality care and service that focuses on the overall health as well as the experience of each and every client

We are further committed to the philosophy that we exist for the client and their well-being.

A health, wellness, and high-performance facility.

Determined to create an unmatched atmosphere that will add to the enjoyment of every client and employee of the facility.

Our hope is that through the use of the facility our clients’ enjoyment and appreciation of their health and bodies will be enhanced.

The Practice will facilitate patients to condition themselves and to optimize their functionality for daily activities and for improving maximum performance in sports.

We believe that a person’s body is designed to enjoy sport, fitness, wellness, and life without pain and any discomfort.

We are committed to providing quality care and service that focuses on the overall health of each and every patient, including rehabilitation and exercise advice and assistance, continuing patient education, ergonomics training, and nutritional support. 

Dedicated to the community, The Practice strives to support and sponsor community events. 

Meet our friendly staff:


Alasdair Garnett

An entrepreneur since he left varsity. Starting his own IT business at a young age. Then he was the franchise owner of several successful coffee shops in Johannesburg. Ventured into being the regional operator for business and franchise consulting. And then he took the

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Christina Kunene

Our friendly receptionist will happily help you with making your appointments, looking after your account and always greet you with her friendly smile. She has been a loyal employee for over 10 years and has worked herself up from being our cleaner to being our committed and dedicated receptionist.

Chris Theron

With many years of experience in the medical administrative industry, he is more than happy and capable of assisting you with your appointments, your account as well as general enquiries.

Maintenance & Cleaning

David Malesa

Always smiling and always happy. He is our loyal and dedicated groundsman who looks after our premises and take care of the general maintenance of our facility. A loyal employee for over 11 years and have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in various areas of our business.

Regina Nthoana

She is responsible for keeping our facility clean and spotless and for making a tasty cup of coffee.