The Practice
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WattBike Studio open from 6am to 6pm VENUE: The Practice, 57 1st Avenue Linden. All committed cyclists, mountain bikers and tri-athletes in Johannesburg will now be able to train at The Practice, the world-class performance training, exercise and rehab facility in Linden. “This doesn’t exclude anybody else, if you look at international trends Wattbike training sessions have become an integral part of many other sporting disciplines, like rugby, cricket and rowing to name just a few. Wattbike is a multi-sport performance tool!” states Alasdair Garnett, head Coach at The Practice. We have opened the premium performance facility to anyone to do their Wattbike training at The Practice outside of the current set class times. The requirements are an initial assessment to establish each person’s power and heart rate training ones and a monthly fee. “There’s an increasing number of cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes recognising the need for a quality training facility with not only Power and Heart Rate but in improving pedalling efficiency with the addition of a Pedalling Efficiency Score (PES) which is a incredible feature, check out this for more details We feel that it’s important to ensure everyone has access to a Wattbike for their weekly training, additionally members will have access to professional coaching and medical professionals. Our studio is busy during group times with limited bikes available, but the rest of the time it’s used only for testing, bike set-up and for the Discovery Vitality Fitness assessments. We felt it makes sense to open it up outside of class times to anyone that’s committed to improving their performance,” said Garnett. The initial assessment costs R650 and includes: Wattbike orientation to learn your way around the bike, Wattbike set-up for optimum performance, Testing to determine Power and Heart Rate training zones, Pedaling and set-up analysis. The monthly fee is R700 per person (once registered and assessed) regardless of the number of sessions per month. These sessions are uncoached, but include access to The Sufferfest’s legendary range of guided sessions as well as a multitude of workouts all aimed to get you faster, fitter and stronger. PerfPro Studio software ensures we can track all your data and improvements, workouts are recorded for each rider and a report is emailed after the workout with optional uploads to TrainingPeaks and Strava. “There are many cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes that make use of Wattbikes as part of their gym contracts. But there can be frustration when there isn’t a Wattbike available at peak times or the Wattbikes aren’t maintained. At The Practice you secure access to well-maintained, clean Wattbikes, which will be a big help for anyone that’s serious about their performance improvement,” added Garnett. Current studio class times are 05h00-08h00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 11h00–12h30 on Mondays and Wednesdays. CLICK this link for more information on Wattbike training   Solo sessions will need to be booked in advance and will start on the hour. Other than set studio class times, training options are from Monday–Friday 06h00–18h00. The Practice is located at 57 1st Avenue, Linden and offers secure parking and shower facilities. To find out more, or to book an assessment, email
High Performance Wattbike Studio We use Sufferfest Workouts with PerfPro Studio software for the ultimate indoor riding experience Sometimes you just need to follow the rules ;)