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Wattbike Cycling Studio

Functional Training


The Wattbike was created with British Cycling to provide  an indoor bike for training and testing that is suitable for everyone from school children to Olympic Gold Medallists. The Wattbike is chosen by UCI World Cycling Centre as their global talent ID and coach education tool, the Wattbike is the first factory calibrated indoor bike to deliver accurate, consistent performance data and technical feedback.

Riding a Wattbike feels like riding a bike

The Wattbike features both air and magnetic braking systems to allow you to replicate any desired training session from low intensity recovery riding to maximal intensity sprints. Unlike any other indoor bike, riding on the Wattbike feels like riding on the road or track no matter what resistance you choose. Please call on 011 782 0393, talk to us at The Practice or email us at for more information.