The Practice
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The Versatile Trainer

Adele van der Walt
You get personal trainers that are more interested in how they themselves look and never seem to focus fully on their clients; and then you get Adele van der Walt, a personal trainer at The Practice who is quite the opposite… A good personal trainer needs to give 100% of their attention and focus to their client, a great personal trainer needs to give even more. That’s Adele. Her varied background gives her a unique ability to offer proven training and weight-loss guidance as well as the empathy to assist with injury and illness rehab. Adele is a former gymnast, giving her superb insight into how the body works in terms of strength and flexibility and how the mind adds commitment and discipline. She has worked on cruise ships, lived abroad and has also run a guest house. All of these have given her the ability to understand and connect with people, a hugely important quality for a personal trainer. In terms of qualifications, Adele is a Level 1 Personal Trainer, a Level 1 Crossfit Instructor and has a Crossfit Gymnastics Certification. “After a break where I ran a guest house for a while, I got back into personal training through Crossfit. I have a passion for working with people and helping them become the best version of themselves. Each person has unique strengths and weaknesses and I thrive on getting to know and understand my clients and then helping them achieve their goals,” said Adele. Adele is based at The Practice Linden branch. She likes the environment as well as the facilities. “The Practice is more private than a mainstream gym. Many prefer this kind of environment where there is no noise or egos to deal with. It’s also a very safe and secure facility, which gives my clients peace of mind,” said Adele. “The equipment and facilities at The Practice are of the highest quality and always very clean. It’s a pleasure for my clients to train here,” she smiled. In terms of clients, Adele guides a broad cross section of men and women who range from sportsmen and women recovering from injury to time-pressed professionals looking to improve and become fitter, leaner and stronger. To book an assessment with Adele, email  call on 011 782 1393 or 082 5095702.