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OWN THE TRAIL VENUE: The Practice, 57 1st Avenue Linden. BOOKING: Booking is essential as space is limited to 20. Cost is R100 per person, includes snacks and soft drinks DURATION: Approximately 90 minutes DATES: 31st May 2017 from 6pm A focussed seminar that enables you to become a better mountain biker, presented by The Practice and TREAD. KNOW YOUR BIKE (presented by Alasdair Garnett and Sean Badenhorst) Understanding your suspension Your ideal tyre pressure Best gearing for you Basic trailside repairs RIDE WITH CONFIDENCE (presented by Sean Badenhorst) Understanding the physics of mountain biking How to read the surface and choose the best line How to carry speed through corners How to attack trail obstacles (rocks, sand, switchback turns) TRAIN YOUR BODY AND MIND (presented by Alasdair Garnett) Understanding your body now Finding what your potential is Knowing how to reach your potential Setting realistic goals The benefits of functional strength training Call on 011 782 0393 or email to book your spot.