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Cycling Coaching

UCI Certified MTB Skills Training

Functional Training
Basics Course – learning and applying the basics of mountain biking; Position, Balance, gravity and weight distribution, Cornering, Braking, Line choice relative to skill, Duration of 4 hours approx. Saturday / Sunday mornings arrive at 8am start at 8:30am R500pp min 6 people, (less 20% for coached athletes), Northern Farms / Spruit or other suitable location.   Intermediate – mastering the basics; All the basics plus; Descending, Steep climbs, Berms & off-camber turns, Pumping, Front & rear wheel lifts to bunny-hops, Jumps, Drop-offs & Step-ups, 4 hours approx. Saturday / Sunday mornings arrive at 8am start at 8:30am, R750 pp min 4 people (less 20% for coached athletes), Northern Farms, PWV Bike Park, Thaba Trails, other suggestions or local trails welcome.   Advanced – building speed and confidence; Riders must be competent at all skills, Session is customised for the group / athletes participating, Analysis of riders to improve speed over sections / obstacles, POA, depends on size of group and location.  
Specific courses will be arranged for groups / individuals on request like weekend courses, eg basic and intermediate on one weekend and group / individual sessions for a specific requirement The Basics course does not exclude seasoned MTB’ers, basics are the foundations of any skills  which should and  can form part of your weekly training.
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