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Dr Michelle Weyers

The Practice Profile - THE GOOD DOCTOR Don’t you hate it when you arrive on time for a doctor’s appointment only to be forced to wait for ages because your doctor tried to fit too many into his or her schedule? Well, Dr Michelle Weyers, who is now based at The Practice, hates that too. Instead of trying to cram five or six patients in per hour, she sees a maximum of three. This gives her ample time to really engage with her patients, something that she feels is missing in the mad-rush nature of the modern world. “A General Practitioner’s income is determined by the number of patients he or she can see per day. So I can understand the need to see as many as possible. However, I feel that creates a sausage factory environment and I don’t think it’s fair on patients,” said Michelle. “I prefer to give each patient more of my time. It also allows us to build a relationship, which is often lacking in this busy world. Knowing my patients better enables me to not only be thorough as a doctor, but for my patients to feel more at comfortable and satisfied,” added Michelle. Michelle is a mother of two teenagers, so understands the challenges that parents face when dealing will ill or injured children. She is also a very competitive person and loves sport, having achieved provincial and national titles in a number of sporting disciplines including chess, squash, biathle, duathlon and triathlon. She’s currently committed to multi-sport racing such as XTerra and Cross-Tri (off-road triathlons) and triathlon, where she is a regular podium finisher in her age division. She has completed three full Ironman triathlons. Michelle spends two days a week assisting in theatre, one day with a gynaecologist and the other with an orthopaedic surgeon. This allows her to gain further insight into these medical categories. With 20 years of practice behind her (she graduated from the University of the Free State in 1996), Michelle says that her patients are split about 50/50 between general illness and sports injuries. “I’m very committed to preventative medial practice and like to find and treat the cause of an illness or injury rather than the symptoms,” said Michelle. To book an appointment with Dr Weyers, call 011 782 0393.