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Functional & Personal Training


Michael Dunston

Contact Michael on 011 782 0393
Michael Dunstan recently joined The Practice. He is a Personal Trainer that specialises in metabolic training to ensure his clients achieve maximum use of their time with him. He uses a high percentage of body weight exercises in his work, but also incorporates resistance exercise to help build progressional strength. Here’s more about Michael. “Although most people want to trim weight and gain strength and fitness, each of my clients has a different personality, strengths and weaknesses. One of my strengths is that I can connect with people on any level and I feel that’s a big part of what makes me successful in my work,” says Michael. Michael has been working in the health and fitness industry for the past five years. He started out in Port Alfred and moved to Johannesburg a year ago. “Exercise may seem only physical, but it’s also mental and emotional for many people. Many of my new clients aren’t accustomed to exercise. The first few sessions are always hard but the results are motivating. It’s getting through those first few weeks that is key. I believe it’s here where I can make a difference because I’m able to motivate my clients when they need it.” adds Michael. Michael has been working with well-known South African DJ, Roger Goode, since July 2017 and has helped transform him noticeably already. “I have a very broad cross section of clients, some of whom aren’t keen to do exercise in public. The great thing about The Practice is that the environment doesn’t feel like a traditional gym. It’s a very private environment with the most up-to-date equipment. It’s also spotlessly clean, which is important,” says Michael. Do you feel you need a personal trainer in a private environment to help become a better version of you? Contact The Practice to make an appointment with Michael. For more about Michael, visit his personal profile at